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connecting with souls; capturing authentic stories + celebrating individuality

I long to provide more than just the "vendor" experience. Most wedding days I'm like an additional bridesmaid—holding your dress, wiping lipstick smudges from your teeth, staying on top of your timeline. I'll absolutely cry along with you as you say your vows, break it down with you on the dance floor, and guide you every step of the way, frequently gushing over how hot you guys look

When I whisk you away for pictures, I will intentionally help you slow down and enjoy your long-awaited day, a day that goes all too fast. Breathe. De-stress. Take in one another and bask in the commitment and joy of forever stretched before you. As you do, I’ll be right there, unobtrusively capturing your bliss.

I'm all about going beyond the client line if our busy schedules allow it. People are placed into our lives for reasons and seasons, so why not enrich each other's lives during this wild wedding process?!

If you are looking for someone to join you on this journey, document it timelessly, and have a whole lot of fun, I'm your homie.



Let's be honest, this is really all about you!

Which is why I want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting, how I work, and how we could work together.

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