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Just gonna help ya out, right off the bat...It's pronounced "LIE-ZUH" ;)


I am a proud Ohioan who captures the extraordinary, everyday, wild love of those in the Midwest and far beyond. I grew up on a farm of rolling, green hills with an amazing family who continues to encourage and help me chase my dreams.


My family instilled within me strong values, including a deep passion for Jesus and exploring nature. On my days off you can typically find me barefoot, sipping a lavendar latte, looking for an adventure while listening to some good tunes (music gives me liiife, people—always up for suggestions).


Ready for some fun facts?

I've been known to laugh until I cry & snort along the way. Things will get real and I’ll probably ask you deep questions—you know, like which Office character you feel most connected to. Serious stuff like that.

If you’ve perused my website, you may have noticed I love connecting with others. It’s kind of my jam. Specializing in intimate weddings and adventurous couples, I am inspired and energized by uncovering and capturing my clients’ genuine connections with one another.


Getting to know the people I work with on a deeper level is what sets my soul ablaze and allows me to create vulnerable and meaningful art. The highs, the lows, the gazes and whispers in between—it’s my goal to covey the sincerity and beauty found in every moment, every relationship.​ These scenes are more than just a blip in time, they provide a tangible reflection of where you’ve been, where you’re going, and who you’re going there with.

This is so much more to me than simply photographing a wedding day; it’s authentically documenting your journey.

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