I get it, everyone and their dog seems to be a photographer now. (IS your dog a photographer? I’m looking for a second shooter...KIDDING!) But with a sea of talented artists out there, it’s difficult to know what you’re getting and who will fit into your special day best. So, let’s get real and talk specifics about what I can do for you during the biggest event of your lives.


Not only am I passionate about photographing all the details of your love, but I am so enthusiastic about helping you slow down to remember the grand and romantic ‘why’ in the midst of a somewhat-manic wedding day. Don’t stress about poses, I’ll tell you exactly what to do as I ask questions about what brought you together and why you can’t live without one another...all before fading into the shadows to capture the magic as you make those promises all over again.


In addition to keeping your timeline, I'll be there to help with anything and everything. Groomsmen need whipped into shape? You got it. Dress need bustled? Check. Mom's nerves need calmed? Consider me a human Xanax. I'll even do a rain dance it it's required day-of. Anything for love, baby.




I will be your stability. After shooting roughly 100 weddings, I’m here as a resource before, during, and after the wedding. In other words, this isn’t my first rodeo (unless you’re getting married AT a rodeo, and then, yeah, you’ll be my first). No matter what the day or wedding season brings, I will be your advocate to help complete your vision.


On that note, don’t stress! Most families have unique dynamics or quirky tendencies...you’re not alone. But trust me, I’ll be there every step of the way, making sure everyone is comfortable and every special moment is captured. Whether we’re going with the flow or sticking to a strict timeline, I’m committed to ensuring your day goes as smoothly as possible.


I promise to listen to your requests, and HEAR your wishes. I’m not afraid of a challenge. Rain or shine, smooth or bumpy, you WILL get incredible photos. Period. You want to trek to the top of a really sketchy hill for sunset? Down. Always dreamed of skydiving for your wedding portraits? Let’s do it.

Alright, you get the point.

I'm here for YOU...the authentic YOU.